Sunday, 27 December 2015

A quiver for your bow? (App Review - Quiver)

App Review - Quiver (formerly colormix)

Hey people,

I've decided because I've being doing so much educational App research that I would write a small review every week!

This week I'm starting with the app Quiver. Initially I saw this app at some training at Apple specialist school but I couldn't make the thing work at all! Tre annoying at the time which made me give up on it. But someone I know put me back in touch and I have to say its working and its fantastic.

What does it do I hear you say...

It's what's known as augmented reality. The company produce colouring sheets. The children then colour these sheets which when the camera is pointed at them, come to life! Wow! The picture springs from the page and can be interacted with.

What could it be used for?

1. Fun!! Of course!
2. Improving description skills. Children will really be able to see and describe the characters that they create.
3. Why not add an interactive element to a storybook.
4. Introducing a topic.
5. An interactive art lesson.

Draw backs?

Although the app is free and the pages are free, it does mean that there are in app purchases. This shouldn't be off putting because almost half are free. Or you could buy them for the teachers iPad and then use the app on the IWB. Another drawback is the app does tend to get overwhelmed on smaller iPads with smaller memory. This will cause the app to crash from time to time. But to be honest its so amazing I would definitely persevere.

So overall I give this app a 8/10

Here is the site to get the colouring pages: