Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I'm feeling skitchess - app review skitch

So time for another app review. This is one of my favourite apps around. A great resource to create other resources live. I've been using this for a while particularly in staff training where you get sudden bursts of inspiration and have to create ideas on the spot.

So what does it do?

Skitch is a application that allows you to edit or annotate photos, maps, websites, pdfs etc. It has arrows, lines, drawing and highlighting functions. This in itself isn't really that impressive but what it allows you to create quickly is real world plenaries and problems.

 Here's a problem a created in mere seconds.

Exploring rotational symmetry that I could edit more admittedly for a plenary.

Showing and annotating scaling problems for a plenary.

But here is my favourite activity to do. Make a real world problem using google earths 3D function. Nothing could be more real to children than real objects.

Draw backs?

Can't see any as far as I am aware. It's free, its simple and user friendly. What more could you possibly ask for?