Sunday, 20 December 2015

It begins

Hello to anyone out there...

Welcome to my tiny little corner of the internet! I think I'll start by being totally honest. This blog is for me to share my musings about teaching today and to maybe sell a few resources along the way (because why the heck not). But probably this blog will provide an outlet for my hopes, frustrations, small successes, calamities and utter disasters. A self help journal laid bare for any stranger to view I suppose.

So my situation is this, I have the best job ever. I'm a primary school teacher. My day is filled with endless opportunities to affect the future. Truly the impact of this thought excites and paralyses me every day. It's not because I'm self important or an egotist it's because I care. The ripple effect has to be respected. I navigate the delicate intricacies and complex personalities of developing minds hoping to spark a passion to learn.  Everyone has had a teacher of some sort even the greatest of minds!

I'm a male teacher in my twenties. This is my second full year of teaching so I guess I haven't yet had the time to develop a really stout and embattled cynicism. That's not to say I don't feel it creeping up behind me but I'm fighting on with boundless passion and a sense of humour. This year I have been blessed with a superb class! My current school is completely irrelevant to this blog so I won't be referring to it in any detail at all. I work with wonderful people and I live in a beautiful (if a little deprived) area.