Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Scratch that - scratchjr app review

Hello wonderful people,

Computing errrrrr I'm afraid and I'm sure you are as well. In the government's desperate need to compete with far away countries in Asia we have been given the computing curriculum to master. A slightly weird concept is that it will somehow pay off in the long run. All our coding children will bring millions upon billions of pounds to our company. I only say this seems weird because any tech company worth its salt works across international borders. Alas,  this has been long overdue if a little rushed.

I was met with the challenge of providing coding this year and some significant obstacles arose. My answer came in the form of this wonderful app - scratchjr.

Scratch 2.0 had been around for donkeys. But scratchjr is the new app form to cater for a problem I had. The problem was this; we had got rid of the computer lab for shiny new ipads but scratch 2.0 only worked on pc. Ah nuts! But scratchjr saved me and thank god!

How does it look?

In a word beautiful. A simplistic masterpiece. You know nivarnas song come as you are, a sunrise, fresh herbs or even a cold beer on a really hot day, scratchjr gave me that feeling. Simple, fun and fantastic.

What does it do?

It allows children to manipulate sprites (characters) using basic coding functions. It's not immediately apparent how this relates to real world coding but it is designed to develop the thinking skills or the basics that underpin it all. Children can create dances, simple games or animated stories.

Draw backs?

There is only two things holding this app back. First was the lack of ability to save work on another platform. Of course the children can save on the iPads but when you have a school full, the work easily get lost. Second the lack of the ability to set a scoring system up for games. In my opinion this limits the game possibilities.