Monday, 4 April 2016

Oh no he didn't oh yes he did - app review puppetedu

Puppet edu

So I'm back... So much for the app review every week! 
This app is a fantastic way to engage primary children and presenting information without much hassle. Now I'm not going to say there will be no hassle as the children will have to learn to use the app and it's functions. But its interface is incredibly well thought out.

So this is the kind of thing you can produce...

Now this app is from the same lovely people who created the Seesaw: Learning Journal app. Which is great for my classroom personally because the app is completely integrated with the other. Saving work on the iPad has never been easier. Teach the children the upload button and you have solved the problem of saving work to be viewed later.

The app allows you to take pictures or download them from the internet. Once you have your images then you can order them very simply. From there it is a case of recording sound over the top of the images. The children can change the timing of the slides or even record parts of the voice recording. Text and emojis can be added in all sizes and colours. But what I enjoy the most is there isn't an abundance of choice for the children to get hung up upon. After an inevitable few not so good attempts the children can produce a great presentation.