Saturday, 15 July 2017


Hello everyone,

I realise I have been absent for almost a year now with my posts. This past year to be frank has been unbelievably busy! It has been the most tremendous and turbulent year full of great stress but overwhelming joy. I have built my own home (with help from amazing people around me), got married and welcomed my first born into our family. Coupled with this I have now risen to the dizzying height of middle management and extended my role outside of the classroom. Unfortunately all of these wonderful things came within weeks of each other and not without complications. You know it never rains but it pours! Our boy was born a little early after some scares and thus I had to prioritise what's most important in life. This blog this year unfortunately was not one of them. But alas I'm back and ready to get cracking again now there is some sort of normality returning.

Posting soon :) :) :)